Sharon Christian, Artist





Behind the Series


While Sharon always enjoyed music, the introduction of the music video on TV generated many visual images of the singers whose words and music had impacted a generation - Sharon's generation. As a result of enjoying these first rock videos, the  Rockstars - Poets and Prophets series was started. A half hour segment of the national TV show Much Music documented the show of the series which was held at a local public gallery, and the FREE HAND creation of the images behind it. The interview can be seen here.

"Music is often seen as the highest art form as it communicates most directly and is the most accessible to people. However I see the parallel between artists making music and those making pictures as a similar journey from student to master. By adding skill to talent the Stray Notes evolve into Rock Stars."



Having taught art in various high schools, Sharon always enjoyed the students in their music classes. This resulted in the Stray Notes series.