Sharon Christian, Artist




Behind the Nature series 

Sharon's works of scenes from Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver represent modern man in today's world enjoying nature.

Spring  Flowers and gifts of flowers always resulted in paintings. 

Mother Nature is a whimsical series about the wonder of life and how we have come to be here along with her creatures and plants.

Monsters in the Garden is a web based internet show which runs automatically with music. it prompted the creation of the children's educational colouring book, which can be seen here: Nature's Little Good Guys.

Mother Merganzer is a series best described by Sharon's poem refernced in each painting:

Mother Merganzer

an epic tale

Mother Merganzer with her 4 children

sail on breezy seas.

The wind comes up

and ruffles her feathers

The children leap with glee.

An approaching storm it

would seem to be - the

babies settle into her feathers further.

But it is …

a terrible storm … Merganzers

canope of feathers close around

the babies four.

She is tossed in Blackened Seas.

A stalwart barge she has become - tiny