Sharon Christian, Artist




Behind the People Series

Sharon always did figurative work, some more realistic, some more abstract.

While living in Calgary, just above the city center, Sharon became aware that  Chinatown was a treasure trove of people living a way of life that could soon be engulfed by the growth of the modern city. While a more modern Chinatown still exists in Calgary, the resulting series of paintings depicting the people living in the old town was well received and now captures a time lost.

While living in  Boulder, Colorado, Sharon became intrigued with the many characters that make up that colourful town. The series captures the individual nature of man in today's world of conformity.

Time wandering Laguna Beach on the coast of California led to the Beach series.

Another significant cultural change that impacted the world of art was the introduction of video games. While this phenomenon has reached far beyond "pong" and the animation of comic type heroes, the graphics and fascination of young people resulted in the Video Arcade series.

When Sharon moved to Vancouver, she had the opportunity within the same period of time to visit Europe and the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver which focuses on the history of the natives of the West Coast of Canada. The striking contrast between the depiction of  Monuments and Pedestals from such differing cultures at the same historical point in time, led to this series.

The Tribute series was done as a reaction and in respect for the artists that had had significant impact on Sharon's work.